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Deus Jet


Sweet and colorful to dark and gloomy ... Manga, realistic, pixel art ... This portfolio shows the huge variety of styles I can handle!


  • Layout-, detailed ink- and colorist-artist for Deck of Fates on Webtoon (over 100.000 subscribers)

  • Assistant colorist for Uriah original Webtoon (over 500.000 subscribers)

  • Creator of The Next Reaper on Webtoon (Over 30.000 subscribers)

  • Illustrator and designer of merch for Youtuber Secureteam10's webshop (over 2 million subscribers) 

  • Illustrator and merch designer for Youtuber Mr. Black pasta/The Discturbing Truth (Over 170.000 subscribers)

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Don't hesitate to get in contact with me if you need help with your own illustrations and ideas!

  • Instagram
  • YouTube
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